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No Taboos Phone Sex Chat About Anything

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This is an introduction to Taboo Sex Chat phone sex. If you are a first time caller please don't be shy. The girls are very friendly and understanding no matter what your fantasy. You should take your time and set the mood at home. Lower the lights. Have a bevarge handy and prepare yourself for a good time. Before you call decide what you would like to talk about. The operator can direct your call to exactly the right person to fullfill your desire but she must have an idea of what you really want. There really is nothing to kinky or taboo during a call so you must decide what, no matter how extreme, you would like.For you folks that have experiance you know to ask for the flat rate. The call is a lot cheaper that way and you do not have to worry that your hobby is getting to expensive. Have you crdit card handy when you call. Nothing breaks the mood worse than searching out a piece of plastic. To make things easier you can

No Taboos Phone Sex Chat About Anything

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